How to fix LED Christmas bulbs

Many people worry when they start thinking about setting up their LED Christmas lights for the season. It’s often a job that’s always left late for work, and when the weather conditions get colder and wetter each day, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some suggestions from an installation professional, who has his own LED Christmas light installation company based in San Francisco, California.
If you choose to staple your home lighting, he uses a wire stapler instead of a standard stapler. Ordinary staples will cut through the preventative, possibly destructive coating to the cables, and increase the threat of a short circuit. Wire pin staples are generally U-shaped and allow a bit of space for the stranded wire, ensuring that the wires remain in good condition. Staple the wire about 1 “from each side of the light. This will ensure that it sticks out straight and LED Christmas Lights that all the lights look the same, making it look much neater once the job is done.
When placing the lights on top, walk a few feet around each side of the building. This allows for a much cleaner appearance. If you want not to leave staple scars on the surface of the area, use non-invasive clips. They’re simple, inexpensive, and put lights in gutters or under shingles quickly and easily. You will need one per bulb.
When hanging lights, don’t staple them or hang them upside down if you can. Water will get in, perhaps shorting the wires. Instead, point them toward the outside area.
Use electrical tape to bind the male / female plugs at the same time between each strand. This will keep the water out and ensure your lights stay bright all season long.
When suspending lights from trees, use a quality paint pole with a hook attached to the end. I bought a small replaceable paint roller that screws onto the end of the bar. I cut the roller and then curved the cable into a “V”. It works well. I tried using real store bought “LED Christmas light hanging sticks”, but they are very inexpensive to build, bend or break quickly, and when the pole gets wet, don’t lock it in an extended position.
Wrapping trunks in mini-light can look great, especially with a 4 “gap, but use a lot of lights. When you do, enclose your locks in a sphere, then loop it around the trunk for you, constantly unscrewing it as you go. Working with ladders can be harmful. I have heard many scary stories, especially around Christmas time. I follow this effortless but effective rule, and it saved my life multiple times: “If you’re even thinking about falling while doing a task, DON’T DO IT!” It makes no sense to hang some lights. Vacations are about being with family, not making your home more noticeable on the block.
And if you’re still anxious or don’t have time to hang up your lights, call in a professional LED Christmas light contractor. They do it faster, safer, and work will look better too.